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A perfect substitute for high quality Teak wood has been brought out by Sandwich Laminate Technology for the manufacture of MASTERCRAFT Door Shutters. Innovative pressure molding technology has been developed for the production of high strength FRP laminates for the door facings with integrated design patterns. Relatively high glass content in the laminates imparts very high puncture strength and toughness to the FRP door skins. High density Poly Styrene Board bonded to skins by means of Epoxy Resins inside the doors provides a high degree of flatness and high compression strength to the doors.


MASTERCRAFT doors made out of reinforced plastics, are completely free from wood, conforming to the National policy for the conservation of forests and to protect the ecological balance. With an installed capacity to produce 9000 door shutters per year, we provide substitution of 25000 cft.of fully finished teak wood.


MASTERCRAFT door shutters are much superior to teak wood doors as these are free from defects like warping, bending and splitting. Uneffected by the climatic changes in different seasons, they remain absolutely stable in their dimensions. Owing to their jointless monolithic structure, sagging due to self weight is completely eliminated. The FRP molded skins never show splitting as in the case of wood as the fibre reinforced plastic skins ensure very high surface hardness and cohesive strength. The door, being absolutely free from maintenance do not even need painting for decades. They provide trouble-free performance for years under all usage conditions.



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